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Summertime is here!July 03, 2013


Summer is here!  And it’s time for the beaches and lakes and rivers.  Time to be outdoors and make up for that long winter.  And everywhere the sun is shining bright and reflecting of the water or sand you need to protect your eyes.

There’s nothing better to have than a good pair of Lx Polarized sunglasses on your face while in the sun.  You can spend more money and get less with other brands, but why would you?

Our polarized lenses will cut that glare coming from the beach and the water and let your eyes relax.  

Get yourself a pair of Bomberos for a full coverage fit - perfect for being out on the water on your boat.  Go for a pair of polarized glass lenses if you’re hooked on glass.  

Or if you’re hanging by the pool and working on a bit more style the Gato is the piece to wear.   I’ve seen similarly styled pieces by Ray Ban and Oakley selling for over $150 in the chain stores.  And they’re not even handmade of acetate - they’re injection moulded frames and without polarized lenses.  


The Bolo is a lighter piece made of soft injected mould construction.  If you’re on the lookout for something a bit more sporty, grab one of those.  

Night-time protection!

Summer is nice for an evening bike ride - feel the warm air in your face as you cruise through the neighborhood.  But sometimes you get a bug in your eye - so grab a pair of clear lens Bomberos or Bones.  I ride a scooter during the summer and always have a pair of Bomberos with clear lenses in the storage compartment for when the sun goes down.  I keep a pair in my Jeep for night driving too.  It’s saved me plenty of times.

The clear lens Bombero and Bone pieces are also good for general eye protection if you’re working on a project around the house.  But don’t get carried away and use them for dangerous situations.  Get full coverage goggles for that.


I’ve been out and about and checking out glasses in the sunglass and department stores.  I’ve seen some crazy prices out there - and in most instances they’ve been inferior quality and material than Lx Polarized pieces.  There is a Ray-Ban piece - every brand has it including Oakley - that is similar to the Gato.  Their polarized piece is over $160 retail.  Oakley’s is more.  Save yourself a couple tanks of gas and get the Gato!  Or, if you’re someone who loses their sunglasses constantly, grab 3 Gatos for the same price of one of theirs!

Designer Pieces!


I came across some pretty cool designer glasses in a department store in LA for $ 450 last week.  I can’t name the brand but will be making a version of the piece soon.  Kind of a double bridge aviator style made of heavy acetate, the piece is awesome.  And it will be about $80 here instead and with polarized lenses of course.  Expect to see it in the fall.... Takes some time.

Ladies - if you’re looking for a great full coverage designer piece, grab a Peechy in black or tortoise.  Big frames are as popular as ever and this one is great.  A similar piece would cost you $300 or so...  Spend the $240 difference on  something else.

Gatos are great for men or women - and even the kids.  We all know they’ll lose pretty much anything at that age, so grab one of those at $80 instead of $150!

Get out there and enjoy the season!