Lx Polarized Sunglasses - Customer TestimonialMarch 29, 2013

by Bo Bissett - Lx Polarized Sunglasses Customer:

I have a love hate relationship with sunglasses. I love them for their functionality and design.

I hate them for several reasons. 

First of all, sunglasses are the one item that I always lose. No matter how hard I try to keep a pair, they always seem to disappear after a few months. It’s relatively easy to do. We take them on and off when we go inside and set them down in places where we forget about them. They get set atop our heads, our hats and around our necks and every so often, lose the traction that was just barely holding them in place.

Second of all, they cost an arm and a leg. Knowing I will lose a $200 pair of sunglasses does not make me very intrigued about investing in another pair. Investing is something you do to take care of yourself. Protecting your eyes is an investment, throwing away money on exorbitantly priced sunglasses is not an investment.


My last big sunglasses purchase came over 6 years ago. I bought a pair of Oakley’s. At the time I was wearing corrective lenses so I dropped close to $400 on my shades before a weekend excursion into the mountains. I got my glasses on a Friday and 30 minutes into our mountain-river hike the very next day I watched as they parted from my head and went barreling down the stream never to be worn again, at least not by me.

I never bought another pair of polarized sunglasses after that. The sunglasses I have purchased in over the last 6 years have been acquired in convenient stores and Walmart. If you buy a pair of $9.99 sunglasses at Walmart, that’s exactly what you get.


It wasn’t until last week, that I found a quiet little company online that makes and sells quality polarized sunglasses for a fraction of what you’ll pay for with the other brands.

I purchased a pair of the LX Polarized Jaybees. There were only a few pairs left and this model was being offered at a closeout price of $25. I figured I’d give them a shot.

 I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.


When I opened up the shell case that came with them, I was blown away. Small investment. Huge return!!! I have been used to wearing $9.99 sunglasses. I upgraded to a $25 pair that look, feel and have the exact same craftsmanship you would expect from a pair costing 10 times what I paid.

Everything from the weight of the plastic to the precision of the hinges screams quality. The weight is just enough to let you feel them on your face, yet light enough that they aren’t an obstruction. They’ve got the perfect amount of flexibility and durability mixed together.

The metal hinges are stainless steel and offer enough resistance when opening and closing, you know they’ll be doing their job for years to come. 

Last and definitely not least, I got a pair of polarized sunglasses for $25. There are good deals and then there are steals. Based on my history with wildly expensive brands and my last 6 years with the El Cheapo’s, my experience with LX Polarized is a steal.

The company has almost 20 different pairs of polarized sunglasses to choose from, in both men and women’s styles. There’s a good chance there’s a steal waiting for you, too! 

Thanks, Steve! 

Your now very loyal customer,

Bo Bissett