Finally... the long process of modifying the BONE / WISHBONE piece is completed and the mould is finished.   Production is currently under way and a new shipment is due at the end of October.  


It's been a long haul getting this sorted out as years ago we modified the original Wishbone lens cut and made the Bone.  We found that when we made the floating Wishbone, the lenses would pop out at the outside corners, so we modified the piece with a more boxy lens cut.  


The lens cut was great, but we weren't happy with the temple shape with the Bone.  Most people didn't notice it, but I did and it bothered me.   The temple was too curved and not as comfortable as the original Wishbone.  Over time the Bone was produced and the mould wore out.   


So I've taken the best part of the BONE - the lens shape,  and combined it with the softer and straighter temples from the WISHBONE.  It's an entirely new mould and fits like the original.  The rubberized finish is a bit more subtle and the Lx logo is darkened for a new stealthy look.  


This improved piece will be available at the end of October in protein black frame with grey polarized or rose polarized lens.  No floating material has been found as of yet.   As soon as I find it, the floater will return too.


Thanks all for your patience!   It's taken way too long to get this piece sorted out and back on the site.