Designer SunglassesApril 18, 2013

You don’t have to drop a mortgage payment on designer sunglasses. At Lx, we’ve built our entire business model on manufacturing quality polarized sunglasses in a myriad of styles and colors.

Outfitting the entire family with protective, polarized lenses could cost more than two monthly mortgage payments on a typical family house in America, if you’re bold enough to buy the big brand designer sunglasses.

Fortunately, we’ve given you plenty of other options.

How Important Are Sunglasses?

Just ask Anderson Cooper. The famous CNN reporter turned daytime talk show host had a scary run in with the effects of not wearing protective eyewear. On a trip to Portugal last year, Cooper spent a day on the water without sunglasses and lost his eyesight for a full 36 hours.

At first he thought he had something in his eye, but when he lost his eyesight and consulted a Dr., he was informed that he had suffered eye burn from excessive sun exposure. Had he been wearing designer sunglasses from Lx, the crisis could have been averted.

Polarized lenses offer your eyes an extra layer of protection - cutting the glare. Most cheap sunglasses that are polarized, have a film on one side of the lenses. Over time, this coating wears down, peels off, and thus, become ineffective.

The designer sunglasses that Lx makes has the polarized film stuck between two pieces of the lense and gives you fashionable protection for as long as you have your shades.

Designer Glasses for All Occasions

Wearing sunglasses doesn’t just need to happen when the sun is out. Ask some of the characters who play poker nowadays. We’re not commenting on this trend one way or the other, but there are times when protective gear is needed, sans tint/polarized.

For the guys and gals who need safety protection, yet don’t want to look like a tool in those oversized grandma slipovers, we have two different options.

Two of our most popular choices are the Bombero and Bone, both of which come in a tinted polarized and clear lense version. 

Whether you’re Bono, trying to protect your eyes, or mocking the guys around the card table, Lx has you covered. 

Protection for Everyone

One of the reasons our sunglasses are so popular is because they are high quality. Another reason is because they’re affordable. We believe that every person should have access to high quality sunglasses. This is also one of the reasons that firefighters and policemen prefer our designer sunglasses

We all know these guys don’t break the bank when payday comes around, however they’re some of the most dedicated people in our workforce. They put their life on the line every single day they walk onto the job and they invest good money for the tools of their trade.This makes Lx the preferred sunglasses brand for Long Beach Fire Department.

Now, get off our blog, grab your Lx designer sunglasses and hit the great outdoors.