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Oakley or Ray Ban?March 20, 2013

When searching for sunglasses, two prominent names pop up. Which one is the best choice,  Oakley or Ray Ban? Both pairs of sunglasses are made from high quality material with fashionable styles and a myriad of choices. Both are competitively priced. You’ll be paying no less than $150 for either pair.

What do you get for a $150. You get a pair of plastic sunglasses that your favorite celebrity sports. Depending which brand you choose, you’ll be rocking the same brand as President Obama or Shaun White. Visualize yourself suiting up for a flight in an F-14 like Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” or ready to conquer the links like Tiger Woods.

Oakley or Ray Ban?

Wearing the same sunglasses as Tiger Woods isn’t going to make you hit the ball any farther. Sporting the same shades as Shaun White isn’t going to help you land that 720 on the halfpipe. Walking down the street with a pair of Ray Bans won’t get you secret service detail like President Obama and all of these choices have more in common than you might think.

  • The first thing they have in common is price. Like we said earlier, get ready to shell out at least $150 on either of these brands.

  • The second thing they have in common, is the fact they are made by the same company.

We can hear your wheels spinning right now. “Oakley and Ray Ban are not the same.”

The fact is, they are. Both are made by a company called Luxotica and are often sold side by side in the very same stores they own called Sunglass Hut.

What are you paying for when you buy either of these high quality sunglasses? First of all, they are in fact high quality sunglasses. We’re not here to bash the brands or the illusion of the brands that exist. But at what cost are you willing to pay for either of these sunglasses? Is a pair of sunglasses really worth $150. Those are the base prices where you start with either of these “brands” and that doesn’t even get you polarized lenses. Add polarized lenses and you’re looking at close to $200 for a pair of Oakley or Ray Ban Sunglasses.

Are you more interested in paying Tiger Woods’ salary or owning a quality pair of sunglasses that doesn’t break the bank? LX Polarized sells the same quality sunglasses as Oakley, Ray Ban, Coach, Bulgari etc. at a fraction of the price.

$100 for a pair of polarized sunglasses or $200? At LX Polarized we’ve got a wide selection of polarized sunglasses with an average price of $62.

It’s obviously your choice, but the smart money is on LX Polarized. Use the money you save and take your girlfriend or wife to the beach for the day.